Quality Management

Our policy is to lead our sector in quality, customer relations and satisfaction, speed and reliance. And to achieve these, we adopt the principles below;

  • To respond to our customers’ ever changing demands quickly and accurately,
  • To commit ourselves to continuous improvement and training,
  • To establish modernized internal and external relations,
  • To engage in research and development,
  • To continue total quality operations as an ongoing process,
  • To pursue and implement high end technology.
  • To protect the environment and use all resources in the most effective way.

Quality Certificates and Audits

  • ASince 2004, our Company has been certified with “ISO 9001” management system and since 2006, we have also been certified with “IATF 16949”.
  • Audited by our leading OEM and Tier 1 customers according to VDA 6.3 and received A category supplier rating from all.
  • Successfully completed Product Safety Audit (PSA) to produce safety parts.
  • Successfully passed CQI 9 audit for our heat treatment process.