The Policy on the Protection and the Processing of Personal Data

  1. 1.General Information

AKS OTOMOTİV SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş.  (“AKS OTOMOTİV ”) aims to protect the privacy of the personal data and using it in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (LPPD) numbered 6698 (“PDP Law”). Protection of personal data is a constitutional right and AKS OTOMOTİV gives a great importance to the protection of personal data belonging to customers, potential customers, candidate employees, company shareholders, company officials, visitors, employees and shareholders

Therefore, we’d like to inform you about the processing of personal data and your rights regarding this issue.

  1. 2.The Purposes Personal Data Will Be Processed 

AKS OTOMOTİV may collect the ID and contact information (name, surname, telephone, e-mail, IP) of the user, which are defined as personal data according to LPPD, with the consent of the user, in order to provide our services such as saving user’s ID information to verify identity; conducting the operations, accounting and financial processes of the user; arranging all records and documents that will be the basis of the processing in electronic or paper environment; retaining and reporting personal data for terms foreseen by relevant legislation or for purposes they are processed for; transmitting important information that AKS OTOMOTİV needs to share with the user; processing personal data for corporate sustainability, corporate governance, strategic planning and information security processes and for the purpose of providing information to authorized institutions based on legislation within the scope of personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Article 5 and 6 of PDP Law.

Detailed information regarding the processing of the personal data by AKS Otomotiv is under The Policy on the Protection and the Processing of Personal Data which is shared on our website 

  1. To Whom and For What Purpose the Processed Personal Data Can Be Transferred 

AKS OTOMOTİV will keep the documents and information provided by the user confidential. However, personal data may be processed or transferred to third parties by AKS OTOMOTİV without obtaining the explicit consent of the data subject if one of the conditions set forth under the following exists:

  • In case of a request from any courts or law enforcements regarding user’s personal data
  • In case AKS OTOMOTIV suspects any transaction, AKS OTOMOTİV can transfer personal data to Financial Crimes Investigation Board or any other relevant institution
  • With the banks that AKS OTOMOTİV works with or the user has an account with
  • In the event that AKS OTOMOTİV seeking to sell its shares or receive an investment, personal data may be processed or transferred to third parties and their consultants after signing a confidentiality agreement  
  • Third parties from whom AKS OTOMOTİV provides services such as lawyers, accountants, financial constitutions and information systems consultants 
  • Third parties with whom AKS OTOMOTİV cooperates with while sustaining its production after signing a confidentiality agreement  
  • Domestic and foreign infrastructure and service providers 
  1. Method and Legal Reasons for Collecting Personal Data

In order to carry out the services that we provide, we may collect personal data electronically such as website, e-mail or we may collect verbally and we may process or transfer the data to the third parties for various legal reasons. 

  1. Rights of the Data Subject

You have the right to apply to AKS OTOMOTİV to make requests on the following related to your personal data within the framework of Article 11 of the LPPD, with the exceptions clarified in Article 28.

  1. to learn whether their personal data is processed, to learn the purpose of such data process and to check whether such data processing is suitable for its purpose, to demand information in relation to the processed data
  2. to obtain information about the third parties in the country or abroad that their personal data is transferred,
  3. to demand correction for their personal data if there is a mistake, to demand a notification for the third parties to correct such data mistake if the data is transferred,
  4. to claim a permanent deletion, obliteration or anonymization of their personal data, even if it was processed in accordance with the LPPD, in case there is no longer any reason to process such data, and to demand a notification for the third parties regarding the change,
  5. to demand the third parties to whom your information has been transferred to be notified of your requests specified in subparagraphs ( c) and (d) and to perform the same transactions,
  6. to raise objection against any result to the detriment of the data subject by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems, to demand indemnification of the losses in case of incurring any loss due to unlawful processing of the personal data.

In accordance with the Article 13 of LPPD, you must submit your demand to exercise your rights mentioned above in written form or in another way that has been defined by the Board of Protection of Personal Data.  In the case that the operation necessitates a separate cost, the fee in the tariff designated by the Board may be collected in accordance with Article 13 of the LPPD

Do You Have Questions and Requests About Your Personal Data?

Users who are personal data subjects can make their requests regarding their rights specified in the law in writing (by authenticating the documents received or through a notary public) using the PDP Law Application Form on the website or by using a Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) address, Secure Electronic Signature, Mobile Signature or the person concerned by using the e-mail address previously notified to the data controller and registered in the data controller’s system, to our Company. 


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